Animation 7: Bouncy Balls

Clickthrough for large version.

Sorry for the wait folks. This one was gonna have more stuff in it but my wrist isn’t cooperating, so It’ll have to be just this. This animation was done in After Effects instead of Flash, and as a result it’s way more detailed than anything Flash could’ve made (I think so at least). After Effects is really nice, the downsides being that I spend a lot more time animating since I can be way more detailed, and that the filesize is quite a bit larger in .swf formats. Try the .swf version if the .gif versions lag for you guys. Anyways, Enjoy!

As usual, thanks a lot to Braeburned for the art!

Art by Braeburned, Animated by Edef

All character are of age.

.swf mirror

If someone could rehost the .swf on e621 that would be great. I seem to have misplaced my password.

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