Flutterbat (Wallpaper)

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Thank you! Thank you so much! I hit 500 followers. It means, There are 500 people who like my pictures! It is an honor for me. That’s why I made you “Flutterbat Wallpaper” in four version. ( Safe for work; Safe for work with socks, Not safe for work, Not safe for work with socks).

You can donwload Here. (1920*1080 and 2500*1350. You can find both size in the .rar file)

Reference pose Here. (Thank him to let me use the pose)

Thanks again! I hope, you will like it! :D



When Luna gets angry she turns into an angsty, rage-filled creature of hatred bent on bringing about the end of life on the planet by snuffing out the sun forever. 

When Celestia gets angry you get…well…this.

She’s a completed commission, but you can —GRAB  A REALLY NICE WALLSCROLL HERE—!

You can grab the version without the snip-snip —HERE—

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